NOTE: This website is obsolete. Nakahara Informatics, Inc. is no longer operational. This website has been preserved for historical interest, essentially as it appeared at the time of the last update (October 22, 2008), and the software available on this website may be used for free. However, there is no warranty of any kind, and these apps no longer work on modern OS X systems. Therefore, this may not be useful, except to historians and tinkerers resurrecting legacy systems.

iGet is cool. We promise.

Historical note: iGet is no longer for sale, and only works on OS X 10.10 and earlier systems. However, for those wishing to use the software with older systems, the free demonstration license shown below is available for unlimited use:

Name: Demo

iGet features a familiar interface.

iGet is an inventive file transfer tool, designed specifically for the Mac.

You can use it to log into your account on any remote Mac, and browse, search, and get the files you need. As easy to use as the best FTP clients, iGet is much more Mac-oriented: you can stop and resume file and folder transfers, and you see the real Mac icons and Finder labels for all your files as you browse. iGet can even put remote files into the Trash instead of irrevocably deleting them.

With Spotlight searches that execute on the remote Mac, you can find anything quickly. Always-on strong SSH encryption keeps your data secure, and you never have to think about details like HFS metadata, resource forks, or unusual characters in your file names. With iGet, all this stuff just works.

iGet works well over virtually any kind of network connection, instead of requiring a fast LAN; it was designed for accessing your Macs over the Internet via DSL, cable, or even cell phone modem.

All this power is wrapped up in a smooth interface that is simple to use and supports all the great technologies that Mac users expect, including Automator, AppleScript, Bonjour, Spotlight, and the Keychain.

Best of all, because iGet's innovative design requires no additional software be pre-installed on the remote machine, all you need is iGet on your own Mac!

iGet 2.7.1 (7.8 MB )

only $49

FAQ and help info

vs. SFTP and AFP

what's new in iGet 2.7.1

iGet requires
Mac OS X 10.4
or later.

files list window
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More Mac-like than ever.

iGet has always had great support for Mac-like file listings. When browsing a remote Mac, application packages look like Mac applications—not like generic folders as they do in most FTP-type programs. Ditto for documents: iGet natively supports Mac metadata in its protocol, so that it doesn't need to rely on simplistic filename extensions to guess how things should be displayed.

iGet also supports Mac color labels and even custom icons. So if you've taken the time to assign labels or your own icons to your files, you will see those when you connect remotely with iGet.

This Spotlight illuminates files from 6000 miles away.

When Apple introduced Spotlight, they changed the rules for how you find files on your Mac.

iGet 2 changes the rules for how you find files on any Mac, whether it be across the room or across the world.

The new version of iGet has Spotlight support built in at the lowest levels, so you can search remote Macs in a flash. Your search results appear in iGet's super-intuitive GUI, just like regular file listings.

iGet 2 searching a remote folder
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iGet makes connecting easy.

iGet starts making life easier from the very first moment you use it. Its smart connection dialog automatically remembers your connection history, so you don't have to maintain a bookmark list yourself (unless you want to).

Passwords are (optionally) stored in your system Keychain, and the Bonjour browser helps you locate nearby Macs. Once a connection has been made, you can make it again with two mouse clicks.

And you won't ever have to install special server software (not even iGet) on the remote Mac; all you need is a copy of iGet on your own Mac, and it takes care of the rest.

smart connection dialog
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iGet handling a lot at once
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No more waiting... it's fast!

iGet's highly optimized network protocol and multi-stage directory listings allow it to display file lists instantly.

Even over a slow connection (such as a cellular phone modem), your file lists appear in just seconds!

And because we know that even a "fast" Internet connection like DSL or cable is still the slowest part of your workflow, we made sure iGet never makes you wait for it. It works around your schedule. Sleep your Mac, shut it down, pull the plug—iGet will pick up where you left off whenever you like.

Mac transfers that just work.

With iGet, you never have to worry about any silly stuffing, zipping, or otherwise preparing your files before transferring them. Just click Download, or drag the remote files where you want them.

You can queue uploads and downloads, drag-reorder them, and get detailed info. Unlike a lot of other software, iGet handles multiple-item transfers intelligently, too.

file transfer window
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Automator workflow actions.

iGet is a powerful tool for moving Mac files to and fro without having to prepare, compress, or care about them first.

With iGet 2 and Mac OS X 10.4's new Automator, you can harness that power in your custom workflows.

iGet 2 comes with actions for uploading and downloading files, so you can chain it into your custom workflows with ease. It's a natural fit; Automator is the best way to chain together repetitive tasks, and iGet is the best way to move files between Macs, which is often a key part of that kind of process.


iGet 2 features Automator actions for upload and download

screenshot Trash files from afar.

iGet can do more than transfer files between Macs. It can perform all the other basic file operations: it lets you move, copy, get info, and rename files on the remote machine.

iGet can even put files in the Trash remotely.

Resume without fear.

iGet can resume any kind of transfer: files, packages, folders, whatever.

But before resuming, it carefully verifies all existing files to make sure that they can be resumed without getting corrupted.

If iGet detects a conflict—a file has that changed, or is not really the same file—it prompts you and asks what to do.

screenshot conflict dialog
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Small business friendly!

While designing iGet 2, we spent a lot of time listening to our small business customers, and coming up with more flexible licensing and support solutions that meet real-world business needs.

Multi-seat business licenses can be applied on a per-Mac basis, or a worldwide per-user basis so that your staff can use iGet at home and on the road as well. More comprehensive support options are now available with multi-seat licenses, including telephone support. And we can now tailor custom support contracts based on your organization's specific needs, if necessary.

The best way to see how iGet can make your life better is to download and install the demo version! You can try out all the features, and once you do so, we think that iGet will soon become your tool of choice for Mac file transfer.