NOTE: This website is obsolete. Nakahara Informatics, Inc. is no longer operational. This website has been preserved for historical interest, essentially as it appeared at the time of the last update (October 22, 2008), and the software available on this website may be used for free. However, there is no warranty of any kind, and these apps no longer work on modern OS X systems. Therefore, this may not be useful, except to historians and tinkerers resurrecting legacy systems.

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About Nakahara Informatics

Nakahara Informatics was formed 1997, in the Nakahara ward of sprawling Kawasaki City, Japan. The company's mission was to provide technical expertise for a group of small business owners.

These were entrepreneurs who had seen some of the potential of the then-nascent Internet, but didn't necessarily have the right personnel to effectively apply the new technology to their businesses.

At the time, commercial use of the Internet had still only just begun—Japan still had only three ISPs. Configuring a usable Linux system still took a smart person several hours. Macs still really did cost about twice as much as Windows PCs, and neither one was yet reliable enough for many mission-critical chores. Times were different then.

But Nakahara's guiding principle has remained true: while burgeoning new computing and networking technologies create disruptions and opportunities all across the business spectrum, the best practices for leveraging these technologies in a small business environment are often very different from the best practices for large enterprise.

A great many things have changed since the advent of the commercial Internet, but this idea is not one of them.

Small business needs really are often highly specific. This is why off-the-shelf enterprise software packages often fail small business so badly.

Nakahara Informatics helps small businesses identify what their technology needs are, and creates software that is specifically and precisely tailored to those needs. Typically, the end result is a system with far fewer unnecessary features, far greater efficiency, minimal disruption to existing business processes, and far lower costs over the long term.

Such software is the core of our business.

Today, Nakahara Informatics, Inc. is a privately-held Delaware corporation serving clients in Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States. While continuing to provide advice and engineer client-specific solutions, the company also plans to offer a family of standalone software applications for the small business market, beginning in 2007.