NOTE: This website is obsolete. Nakahara Informatics, Inc. is no longer operational. This website has been preserved for historical interest, essentially as it appeared at the time of the last update (October 22, 2008), and the software available on this website may be used for free. However, there is no warranty of any kind, and these apps no longer work on modern OS X systems. Therefore, this may not be useful, except to historians and tinkerers resurrecting legacy systems.

Press Release

NOTE: This press release was issued by iGet's original developer, Five Speed Software, Inc. It is reproduced here for historical interest. Nakahara Informatics acquired iGet as of version 2.5.5, and has been the software's developer and publisher since that time.

iGet 2.1 introduces significant user-driven enhancements

Latest version of the Mac file transfer tool features significant enhancements and new features


RENO, Nevada — June 7, 2006 — Five Speed Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of version 2.1 of iGet™, the Mac file transfer tool. This update is free, and is recommended for all iGet users.

iGet 2.1 sports significant new features and user-requested enhancements, including a "set-it-and-forget-it" automatic update system that can keep the application up to date without manual downloads or user intervention.

iGet's groundbreaking remote Spotlight search capability — which allows users to perform lightning-fast searches of remote Macs as easily as using Spotlight to search the local Mac — has been refined, as well. Other enhancements include better reporting and troubleshooting for network configuration problems, and several fixes for issues discovered since the previous release.

iGet is a Universal Binary, offering native performance on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs.

"The number one feature request from our small business customers this year has been set-and-forget software updates," said Ethan Tuttle, iGet engineering manager. "Our users appreciate that Five Speed continually extends and improves iGet. But during a hectic work week, sometimes even clicking a download button is too much of an interruption... and it doesn't get done. That's especially true in workplaces that might have a couple dozen Macs. With the new update system, users can get all the latest goodies we add to iGet, even if they don't have any time to deal with the update process."

iGet 2.1 is available immediately, from the company's web site:

Complete release notes are also available. iGet will run in full-featured demo mode for users wishing to try it out.

About iGet

iGet is a modern and Mac-specific file transfer tool, designed to replace more limited cross-platform tools like FTP, SFTP, or dedicated file servers. iGet provides complete support for all the file features that Mac users expect (and other platforms don't support or need), without needing to install or set up any server software. Resource forks, HFS metadata, custom Mac icons, packages, aliases, Unicode file names, remote Spotlight searching, etc. are all supported. With an elegantly efficient Mac interface, iGet allows users to quickly locate and move files from Mac to Mac. At the same time, its innovative "zero-setup" design allows the user to connect to any machine running Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, without having to install special software (not even iGet) on the remote Mac. All the user needs is a copy of iGet on her own Mac.

Pricing and Availability

iGet 2.1 is available immediately from the company's web site, at It is priced at $49.95, with significant discounts available for multi-seat licenses. The update is free to all licensed users of iGet 1.x or 2.x.

Educational discounts and site license pricing are also available.

For more information, please visit the company's Web site at, send email to, or call (888) 550-0505.

About Five Speed Software, Inc.

Five Speed helped redefine the boundaries of handheld computing in the 1990s with its award-winning line of software for the Newton OS. The company engineers custom software solutions for clients across Europe and Japan, and returned to the consumer market in 2004 with iGet for Mac OS X. Five Speed Software, Inc. is a privately held Nevada corporation.

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Ms. Kyo Sanada (Nahakara Informatics, Inc.)
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